Messages will be spoken! (Micah 3:8)

Today’s Readings: Micah 1-3

But that is not the case with me—I am filled with power,
with the Spirit of the Eternal One, with God’s justice and might,
To accuse Jacob of his crimes
and the daughter of Israel of her wrongdoing.

I have found it interesting through the years at what God points out to me for sermon material, lesson topics, and even this 839th devotional post. Sometimes his message seems clear and distinct. At other times, I work like crazy to meet the deadlines because nothing seems to come. Often in my sermons, it’s those situations that seem to carry the most impact. Souls saved, believers commit to action, God’s spirit falling on the congregation with incredible power.

preachingI share with some the awesomeness of preaching. My father told me many years ago, if you can do anything besides preach and remain in God’s will, do it. I didn’t understand at the time. Since then, I’ve had opportunity to stand in front of congregations and crowds many times and now I understand what he meant. If I stop and think about the responsibility that at least some who will hear my voice or read my blog need forgiveness from God, it can overwhelm me.

It isn’t that I can forgive sins or would ever think to do so. But I often think about the importance of sharing God’s message with the hope that through something I say, someone will find Him and find forgiveness in Him. I think about the truth that someone with whom I communicate may have a special burden or a special purpose God wants to reveal and He uses the ignorance of men and women like me to share His message.

Micah just condemned the false prophets of his day. He talked about the path Judah follows because they refuse to listen to God. The scriptures seldom come out of the closet to shape the direction the people take. Instead, they listen to oracles, false gods’ prostitutes, and do what feels right to them.

Micah describes what it’s like to know God and to share His word with others, though. He tells his readers, “…I am filled with power, with the spirit of the Eternal One, with God’s justice and might…” I understand how Micah feels when I begin to preach. Often God just takes over. When I step back and think about what was said, how others respond, how God intervened in the lives of people, I’m amazed at the outcome and give Him the glory for it.

As an ‘slammed against the wall’ introvert, others may not understand the energy it takes to get up in front of others to proclaim God’s word. But when I get behind the pulpit or take up the keyboard to start to write, I do feel God’s power and presence in a mighty way. I’m often amazed at the insight He gives, the words He brings, the abilities I recognize, not because of me or my skills, but because of God’s power and presence within me.

Have you ever thought you should teach or preach but didn’t think you had it in you? I can tell you from personal experience, if God wants you to do something for Him, He will give you the strength, power, and wisdom needed to do it. Just step out in faith and watch Him work.

Join me next time, won’t you?


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